Writing and illustration by Jessica Leung

The first time:
I came out to my mother
Being aware,
Of the shaky generation: closed gate and closed world.
Saying: “I am Bi”
With a laugh and shake of “no”
My eyes.
My soul.
With a laugh, with no validation.
With a laugh, with no acceptance.
With a laugh, with no empathy.
I change my ways.
My thoughts, my learning, my identity
Thickening my bubble,
Filling up, resilience
I am questioning.
And unsure to tell.
Unsure to share.
Unsure to voice.
Being me.
The first time:
I had someone told me.
That I am a POC (Person of Colour).
Time flies.
Hard to define who you are
Hard to find who are you.
Seeking the pieces of me.
Fragments of me.
Mask of me.
Little by little. Small to big pieces
This puzzle is in shards.
Resting, staring, the garden of time:
Drift, cherish, ponder, dime
The first time:
I raised my question of my intersectionality
Am I Deaf? Am I POC? Am I Queer?
All the more to learn,
All the more to find out,
All the more to seek
All the more to reach and collect

Pieces of me
Of this intersections
Of this new worlds.
Of this old worlds.
Of this connections.

Jessica is DeafPOC(Person of Colour) - Asian Taiwanese and Chinese, gender neutral person currently and acknowledging as a settler living on the traditional, ancestral, and unceded Coast Salish territories of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, and Squamish peoples. Jessica is a poet, dancer, movement, visual artist and in hopes of learning movement combine with sign language (American Sign Language) and overlaps my own journey. Learning and creating on the process of collaboration with or as individual self-work performance to creating hopes of bringing my culture focus intersectionality being whether in a hearing and Deaf world. jessicaleung.space