Mara Herrera

Mara Herrera

1- ancient caves

when i first meet them, they are shy, quiet, grounded, cool, dark, earthy
they remind me of a cave
filled with ancient secrets that
echo loud
in their choice of cavernous silence

they don’t talk much
but when they do talk, their voice is deep and clear
words humble and commanding

when they do talk, their offerings are earnest and committed
preserving energy with modest precision
and so their presence balances me,
the wild tongued one

i am certain that this modesty is a choice
that they are a person who would choose to make coconut milk by hand

when they do talk, it sounds like they are dancing
soulful and effortless.

that summer, we go dancing
shy glances we exchange on the dance floor remind me that
we are tender
as we sweat in the dark and do our thing
remembering past lives as dancers in ceremony
bodies in rhyme, we become our own an-sisters
with the help of beyonce

we are close enough and far enough
to feel the tension, the anticipation
like children shyly, playfully dancing warm and wet in the spring
awaiting the summer when we can finally play in the heat

we take a break to go to the bar, i choose pineapple juice.
at the bar, they touch my hand gently, firmly, quickly like the tap of a wand
and i realize they are magyk

their touch makes my whole body shiver like the beginning of trance
like a transition into all the seasons of the occident coalescing in one moment
their touch feels like centuries of secrets and spells
waiting to be remembered, revived, cast
through bodies touching

their touch is
but more timeless and less tangible

prickling me like rose thorns
their touch guards
a majestic, full, delicate, ancient love like roses
magic that awaits me if I can conspire with their thorns

a few months later
as i pray near my grandmother’s birthplace
i realize that of course magic exists
queer brown touches first remind me

i once felt someone’s magic in this way once before
another melanin femme dreamworker
a magic
that the spirits awaiting song later remind me
on the ghost-ridden soils of Luzon

Gia Querubin

Gia Querubin

2- coconut milk: warm and sweet

how to make hand-pressed coconut milk from freshly grated niyog
a gift i learn in luzon later that year
after years of canned coconut milk mystery

i tell magykfemme this coconut milk is the sweetest sweet
the prayerful process makes it so
they ask me to teach them how to make it
fresh coconut milk
pressed gently, tenderly, firmly, committedly, lovingly by hand is
than coconut milk made in the blender
than coconut milk canned
slower, longer, more effortful
but oh, is it worth it

we press the grated grains
like a prayer

when you press gently, lovingly by hand
the coconut milk is warm
like a mother’s milk straight out of breast

watching, feeling the milk drip
we lick it from our fingers
taste glorious creamy sweetness

Nimra Bandukwala

Nimra Bandukwala

3- femmeship

i fall
in love
with femme fairies
a first
every time

Mara Herrera

Mara Herrera

4- fairies

they are shy, flirty, sweet, horny, dark, magyk femme
have inherited more darkness femme
have had to cast away deeper evils than me femme
have had to develop stronger spells femme

their darkness is deep ocean abundance
i feel it when i watch them dance
they unwind
centuries of ancestral alphabets gone into forced hiding
generations of sequestered spirits
recruited into choreography by the imminence of forgetting

they embody without words
dreams of ancient futures
they are queer earth
fullmoon femme

Alex Felicitas

Alex Felicitas

5- femmeifesting

i am so freaking femme
shy, flirty, sweet, salty, sour, soft, hard
fullmoon femme

femme as in fuck you
femme as in care for you deeply
femme as in sincerely ask how you are
femme as in sincerely listen

femme as in sincerely want to pleasure you
femme as in sincerely want you to pleasure me

femme as in horny
femme as in fucking is the last thing i want to do

femme as in no
femme as in yes
femme as in flow

femme as in complicated
femme as in confused

femme as in confident
femme as in anxious

femme as in furious
femme as in forgiving

femme as in ocean wide hips
femme as in itty-bitty titties

femme as in feeding
femme as in full moon fasting

femme as in cooking
femme as in cleaning

femme as in brooms
femme as in spells
femme as in knives
femme as in flying

femme as in borderless
femme as in boundaries

femme as in soil
femme as in salt
femme as in survival

femme as in seed saving
femme as in eternal spring

Julay Nieto

Julay Nieto

6- tio'tia:ke spring

it is spring in tio’tia:ke
time of melting waters

we treat our sacred waters
de-mineralizing & sanitizing & industrializing
with such irreverence

tap tap hum
the water plant machines
It is so hard for my body to digest water from the
tap tap hum

it makes me more thirsty to drink water than to not
and as such, i am always drinking herbal tea

a truly gayest mentor in my life
once described
her wide herbal tea collection
as her lesbian rubber stamp

it is 4am
my third day back from lola-lands
and i am so full-bodied, lesbian-queer thirsty

femme body crisis culminates into me
preparing to ask friends
to drive me to a lake
any large body of water
i feel like impending slow death from dryness

finally i eat a watermelon, juicy mineral-y sweet
and cry
and cr
and cry

a long, gaspy, moany
baby (i am being reborn)

i just needed some juicy pakwan
i just want to cry (tap tap)

my spirit frantic to release memories through tears
my body thirsty for water suffused with enough of her earth-mineral siblings
to bind memories to water
for release

with enough water and earth-mineral in watermelon
i sob

Amiya Velayo

Amiya Velayo

7- coconut milk: chilled

you can put fresh coconut milk in the fridge and it might last three days
canned coconut milk can keep for years, decades, centuries, maybe lifetimes

so intensely
i begin to feel the pain of the food i eat
while my ancestors visit me in luzon
the pain of my soy sauce
of the oats and milk in my porridge

i ask for forgiveness
for ever using technical nutrition terms
gluten-intolerant, soy-intolerant, lactose-intolerant
terms that technicalize the spirit of sacred beings
objectifying through categorizing

for many days after the visits
I cry when people ask me how i am
the soy cries, the wheat cries, the milk cries, the sugar cries

the spirits
of our ancestors, the soy nations, the wheat nations, the sugarplant nations
hold so much grief
so much desire
to be loved, respected, remembered
for us to remember
how to pray
how to take care 

my psychic sisters
remind me
we may forget about our ancestors
but they never forget us

Dona La Luna

Dona La Luna

8- stars & rebirth (you were born ready and always will be)

sometimes the magyk is in the reminder
that our love needs to be rebirthed
that we are not ready

that “ready” 
is a star
light-years away
always there, yet never quite in reach
brilliantly reminding us in the dark
that things take time
perhaps lifetimes
perhaps light years

yet we were always ready
because ready is a star
emerging in tender pleasures

Anna Loisel Wilson

Anna Loisel Wilson

9- pleasure undone

i want pleasure
the pleasure of unfurling your tresses from pins
their firmness unbound by the seeking strokes of my gentle fingers

your long, long hair falls like a breath waiting to be exhaled
by the gentle permission of my pleasure-seeking fingers

i ask if we can make out
you ask if we can go to a place where the bed has already been undone

it seems that we both come from a place already undone
and so we learn to, become used to, yet will never be experts in
holding one another from a place deeply undone

we get to the room, and indeed the bed is already messy
as messy as the wisps of your hair
now unpinned, unfurled
by my pleasure seeking fingers

i am excited by your messiness, how undone already you are
but I’m also afraid, afraid that you might be
unsettled by the messiness of my own furls.

in the room, i expect you to pull down my pants
but instead you roll them up
the cuff of my right leg you roll up oh so gently

instead of lube, you bring lotion
and before you can do what you always meant to do
before you can massage my right calf
you are gone

i want pleasure
the pleasure of unfurling messy tresses from pins

let us learn to
become used to
yet never become experts in
holding one another from places undone

Dona La Luna

Dona La Luna

10- RSVP

dear magykfemmes (star children) (first-last loves)

you are always invited to
feel the pain
tender pleasures from places undone

we don’t need to talk –
we can sing
or make coconut milk
sipped quietly

whatever we choose to do
our being is
a prayer
a promise
guided by the spirits
kept by the stars

never experts
never firsts
(yet always)
always undone

love uncontainable
like newmoon rebirth 

is our fullmoon femmeship
<3 never firsts : yet always <3 

shaina agbayani is a singer of moon karaoke, grateful to be based in Tkaronto, traditional territories of the Mississaugas of the New Credit, Anishinaabe, Huron-Wendat, and Haudenosaunee First Nations, amongst other indigenous peoples who cared for these lands, named and unnamed. she femmeifests from a lineage of dedicated broom-wielders, kitchen fairies, and care-workers birthed on the soils of batangas, quezon, ilocos sur, and romblon, allowing her now to seed-save for rootcare & story-tell with with uneven earth. sha is a graduate of equity studies & political science at mkkkgill, organic agriculture at the university of philippines los banos, and colon hydrotherapy and nutrition at the canadian natural health and healing centre.
Nimra Bandukwala: The canvas becomes a bowl in which I mix together textures, intuitions, stories, meditation, and song, to share my vision as a South-Asian woman tip-toeing across the land and seas. I try to create warm and supportive communities, that are mindful of what we take, and how we give. Don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in collaborating, connecting, or speaking. Nimra sells prints of her work, which can be found here:

Alex Felicitas is a first generation settler living in Canada. They have primarily worked as a community mobilizer but are currently reinvesting in their personal creative practices.

Mara Herrera's work can be found at

Julay Nieto's work can be found at

Gia Querubin: If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?” ~ “The Mad Hatter” Gia, in her dreams, would’ve been Alice treading through wonderland, meeting strange characters in strange circumstances. Treading through what would seem “nonsense” but nevertheless filled with much more meaning to it. In her dreams, she would’ve peeked through that rabbit hole and let curiousity take her. But Gia’s dreams aren’t as far as to how she lives reality. Curiouser and curiouser, she arrives in her next adventure. Her real adventures captured in picture frames, documented in her online diaries, doodled notebooks, collection of handmade crafts, and heard in her endless stories. A full time explorer, yoga teacher, Reiki healer, tarot and angel oracle reader, and an aspiring herbalist and farmer, Gia is not merely a dreamer tossed and turned in uncertainty, she is a maker as well. Weaving her own precise art in mundane things, breathing and living with much imagination that this world might as well be, in her eyes, some kind of a wonderland. Her work can be found on Instagram, here, here, or here

Anna Loisel Wilson is a multi-media artist, born and raised in the Philippines and Hong Kong. She likes to be creative with all and any form of expression or medium including poetry, song, movement/dance and colour. She is a language teacher, and mom-to-be, living downtown Toronto with her partner. 

Dona La Luna is a nature enthusiast and community bridger. Her project, diVERTcité, is a socio-ecological sustainability project that works towards greening spaces in concrete jungles, as well as diversifying our social landscapes through creative means. She thinks a lot of about the connection between extractivism of the earth and violence against women and femmes. It was with this reflection, that Dona co-created Sisters in Motion, a spoken word night centering black, indigenous, women and femmes of colour on stage, while being on urban farm land that was also valued and listened to. Drawing is a form of meditation for her, a way to transform trauma and deep epiphanies into visual feeling.