Kah Sing, aka Yao Guai Cave, joined us on air this week to co-host with us. SierraLima started off the set, followed by DJ Mango Juice, then Yao Guai Cave with mix of all original material. Kah Sing topped off the show with an original acoustic guitar and vocal song.

In between all that, we talked about the genre of vaporwave, the ability to pretend to be anyone on the internet, and how this all relates (or not) to ethnic identity.


SierraLima's set starts at 7:15
DJ Mango Juice's set starts at 49:00
Yao Guai Cave's set starts at 1:22:08
Kah Sing acoustic set at 1:49:28

Mixes by: SierraLima, DJ Mango Juiiice, Yao Guai Cave
Writing: Sam Lu
Photography: Saturn
Photo-Editing: Mel Palapuz