This week for Yellow Noise's Montreal Sessions, we were joined by Showtah and Janice Ngiam in the studio for some live performances. Showtah created an ambient soundscape enveloping the studio with his melodica, kalimba, and loop and effects pedals. Janice Ngiam graced us with her voice singing over a wall of guitar sounds she played through her loop pedal.

We chit-chatted a little about how Showtah felt about the differences between playing music in Tokyo and Montreal and talked to Janice on the loneliness of playing solo sets.

You can catch shows by Janice Ngiam as Sun Astronauts and you'll find Showtah performing as Portable Cosmo Shrine or with a noise band called Le Syndicat du Cauchemar Jaune.

DJ Mango Juice's set starts at 3:47
SierraLima's set starts at 40:34
Showtah at 1:11:56
Janice Ngiam at 1:40:13


Mixes by: SierraLima and DJ Mango Juiiice
Writing: Sam Lu
Photography: Joni Sadler
Photo-Editing: Mel Palapuz