For the Yellow Noise launch party last Friday, we showcased three very talented musicians. Listen to some of my favourite material of theirs while reading what they have to say about themselves. To pick their brains a little more, I also asked them to answer: "Why is music the medium of your choice?"

Answering as a DJ: Rhythm & culture. Music is a unifying force, one that resonates with a collective experience that transcends emotional, sensory and geographic boundaries.
— DJ Rhythm & Hues

Musical vagabond and inveterate digger, Parker Mah, aka DJ Rhythm & Hues, has been sharing his offbeat selections for over 10 years, first as a radio show host and producer and later as a DJ. A trained musician, his travels have taken him from Japan to South Africa to Colombia and back, collecting music with an ear to the unconventional, the transcultural, and the danceable. From mbalax to maracatu, cumbia to kwaito, his sets are a potion for curious and thirsty ears.

For our launch, he shared a rare mix of underground Chinese hip-hop. For a taste of what you missed last Friday or to relive the experience, check out one of my favourite mixes by him:

I’ve always been a writer, but that can be a very isolating existence. People gather to hear music. It’s a means of connection. It’s about movement and transience, the cultivation of an experience—a very immediate gift that is almost entirely intangible. I love how you can’t really keep it. Instead, it washes over you, and has to be let go of—just like life, like a dream.

TÏNA-HANÄÉ performs with her real name, which roughly translates to “we are in the process of blooming.” She brings a vision of ecofuturism to us through words, music, and visuals. She is currently working on her first E.P., a vision that aspires toward a visible, accessible, critically hopeful future at the intersection of ecological and social realms.

TÏNA-HANÄÉ performed a sample of spoken word works and a few originals for our launch. A highlight for me was her performance of "We Don't Own Our Dreams", which she stripped down to piano, vocals, and strings. Hear the full band version of this track below:

To bring people together.
— Yaocave

Yaocave is a psychedelic pop music project based in Montreal, Quebec. Emotional catharsis in bangers and hash, they strive to create a safe space.

Last Friday, true to their word, they unleashed a set of experimental saccharine bangers. To experience that again, click the video below and enjoy the ride.


Writing: Sam Lu